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Red Stain Removal Company Mission Viejo

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At Quick N Clean Carpet Care, we strive to make our clients experience the best possible. When unforeseen things happen, like a red stain from Nail Polish, Wine or other drinks, we are here to help extract those stains. Our carpet cleaning process includes assessing the stain to make sure we treat it with the correct cleaner to extract the red stain as best as possible.

Here are a few tips to remember when an accident happens:

1. Don’t rub the spot out, blot using a wet cloth and/or “punch” the spot out with water

2. If the red is from nail polish don’t use polish remover as it may bleach out the carpet, call us for help

3. Don’t use too much cleaner or any at all, many times that will set the stain in and or leave a residue to attract more spots

Quick N Clean offers all of our South Orange County Residents the best in Red Carpet Stain Removal.

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