Our Services

Hot Water Extraction Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning is the method we use. Carpet Cleaning in Orange County can bring in quite a bit of dust from the outside into your carpet fibers. We use the standard of carpet cleaning that most manufacturers recommend, like Shaw Carpets. Our carpet cleaning system is highly effective in cleaning hard to remove spots as well as traffic area wear. To keep our carpet cleaning cost effective, we usually only clean traffic areas. If you are wanting us to move furniture we will be more than happy to accommodate your needs with the pricing. We love Orange County and hope to help you in the city you call home.

Cleaning Tile and Stone can be quite time consuming if you don’t use the right cleaning products and hot steam to pull out the grease and grime. We look forward to helping you clean your tile and grout and bring back the original shine and color to your tile. Many homeowners now have travertine, granite or some type of stone throughout their homes and cleaning a porous surface like that can be time consuming. We use products just for cleaning your Natural Stone to its beautiful natural look. High quality products and hot steam cleaning will enhance the beauty of your Stone and Tile investment.

At Quick N Clean Carpet Care we also offer our Orange County residence upholstery cleaning services. We use hot steam extraction to clean and extract dust and dirt from your comfy couch or favorite chair. We will also clean just about any other upholstered furniture that you may have. Serving Dental and Doctors’ offices is one of our specialties as well as our great residential clients. We look forward to helping you!

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